small batch bagels


Crisp exterior and chewy interior, tinged with a hint of tantalizing sweetness. Made using simple ingredients - flour, water, sugar, eggs, malt and oil - for a truly unique taste. Hand-rolled in small batches, honey poached, & flame-fired. Read about us in the Denver Westword.


  1. *Rosemary + Sea Salt

  2. *Sesame

  3. *Poppy Seed

  4. *Plain

Butter SChticks

  1. *Rosemary

  2. *Honey Salt

* Ghost Chili Salt

Weekly feature batches

* Cinnamon Raison

  1. *Caraway Rye

  2. *Cranberry Lemon

  3. *Olive


  1. *$1 per bagel.

  2. *$2 per butter schtick.

  3. *Accept cash, credit card, Pay Pal.

Delivery available in Boulder, Colorado.
(Minimum delivery order: dozen.)

Order your small batch by emailing


WOOD-fired, Montreal-style, handmade